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The vestry encouraged parishioners to contribute generously to the interior decoration of the new building.

In 1895, Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) was commissioned to design and install the seven great lancet windows representing St.

Both church and parish house provide space for extensive parish activities and not-for-profit community organizations.

The new church was located on a hill on Bloomingdale Road, just east of what later became Broadway. Michael’s served many more than just its Trinity founders and their households: Bloomingdale farmers, road-side shopkeepers, migrant and temporary workers, and others worshiped at St. During the two years of Bartow’s rectorship, the church established itself as a key part of the Bloomingdale community. Michael’s complex financial relationship with Trinity Church and, simultaneously serving as rector of St.

In 18, William Richmond was called to missionary work down the full length of the Mississippi River; during those two years, James Richmond led St. The brothers followed this same pattern in the late 1830s while William concentrated on various New York “daughter” churches, and then again in 18, when William traveled to the far west, founding six churches in Wisconsin and Oregon, one of which, Trinity Church in Portland, Oregon, is now the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Oregon.

Throughout the 1830s, 1840s and 1850s, James Richmond was also engaged in extensive missionary activity when he was not at St. Mark’s Church in Augusta, Maine in 1832 and four years later assisted in the foundation of the Diocese of Illinois.

Michael’s Church has been located on exactly the same site for more than two centuries. Michael’s history has reflected the history of its diocese, its city and its country, and it continues to do so as it moves into its third century.

Located in a village of Manhattan known as Bloomingdale, more than five miles north of the dynamic and cosmopolitan port city of New York, St.

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