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Their films are delightfully campy glimpses of life in the 1950's. All Avis films I have found are on Kodachrome, so the color is still very good. The Bell System released some very well made educational films.Centron began to release films under their own name in the 1970's, but in the 1950's and 1960's were mostly made for other distributors, such as Young America Films or Mc Graw Hill Text Films. Most of these were produced under contract, and most were made for television in the 1950's and early 1960's. Frank Baxter and the Leonard Bernstein Young Peoples Concerts.These could be borrowed from the telephone company.Sid Davis was notorious for giving school children nightmares with films on subjects that the larger producers wouldn't touch. Mc Graw Hill generally did not make their own films, but distributed films make by companies such as Centron.National Film Board of Canada made and distributed many of the best educational films.

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For decades, EBF (first as ERPI Classroom Films) and competitors such as Centron Corporation and Coronet Films produced educational films to be projected in the classroom.

Louis Kirk made mostly nature films in the northwest. He is also well known as the photographer for a series of nature and history books written by his wife, Ruth Kirk.

The Educational Film Archive is a collection of educational films made for use in schools, primarily in the U.

- There were a number of small producers of films located in the Northwest.

Martin Moyer made films on a variety of subjects including many nature films and northwest industry, and the series of physical education films are amusing in retrospect. Rarig's made mostly industrial and safety films, with a few nature films and sponsored films.

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