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“I’ll try,” said David quickly, when he saw Devon about to argue further with Murray’s brother. “You shove aside the large rock, revealing a stone staircase leading down into the darkness,” said Adam. ” protested Devon, “How come he made it, I rolled the same as him.” “Because your character has a lower strength,” explained Adam. At the foot of the stairs, an inhuman roar suddenly breaks the silence of the crypt. “Um, I’m a warrior like David so I guess I’ll attack as well? “They’re all dead.” “Good work everyone,” Murray said to David and the two cheerleaders. “After we take a few steps I’m going to stop and turn around,” he said. “You’re second in line Danielle,” said Adam, “he’s blocking your way.” Danielle rolled her eyes, “I’ll push past the idiot.” “None shall pass!Out of the darkness charges three orcs, waving swords above their heads with looks of murder in their eyes,” Adam announces theatrically. “What does the corridor at the bottom of the stairs look like? “It stretches off in only one direction,” replied the Dungeon Master Adam. Devon and Danielle suddenly jumped in fright as David slammed his fist down onto the table with a booming thud. ” boomed David again, slamming his fist down on the table a second time and making the dice jump.The bra lifted her already perky breasts and pushed them together forming an impossibly deep cleavage where the ample flesh of her upper breasts welled up against each other.The bra was rather low cut so there was plenty of tanned flesh for the three young men to feast their hungry gazes upon.“We’re doing a social studies assignment and need to spend some time with you two,” Danielle tried to explain. ” Murray managed to gasp, why were the Double D’s even talking to them? Veldin holds a lantern up as you all crowd around to gaze up the treasure map that Thrud holds in his big hands,” said Adam, dramatically setting up the scenario, ignoring the snigger from Devon. “I’ll draw my bastard sword and lead the way,” David said. ” she exclaimed, smiling smugly at Devon, this was the first sign of interest Danielle had shown during the whole game so far. “Your turn now David, you need a nine.” David easily hit and then rolled two dice for damage, “Ten damage.” “Hey, how come he rolled two dice? “And he rolled a six and three anyway so that’s nine not ten.” “I’m using a bastard sword, you’ve only got a short sword,” explained David.

“I’ll see you all Monday.” “What culture are we going to pick? ” “No,” Danielle admitted with a shrug that did mind boggling things with her massive jugs. ” The two gorgeous cheerleaders made their way to the place they thought most likely to contain geeks, the school library. Once Murray had managed to get his eyes back into their sockets he led the two sexy cheerleaders into his dining room where the boys had the table set up for their role playing game night. “Warrior maybe,” she said with a shrug, picking one of the other’s at random. Danielle screwed her face up, was this guy thick or something? “I am a mighty wizard like you Devon, only I’m 12th level.” “And I’m Thrud the Barbarian!David’s eyes almost popped out of his skull as he took in the sight of Danielle’s massive rack in the sexy push-up bra. “Y…yes,” David managed to gasp after a moment, his voice a struggled whisper, his eyes not leaving Danielle’s exposed chest.Adam and Murray also gasped in admiration, the impact of the remarkable sight sending thrills directly into their crotches. ” exclaimed Murray in appreciation of Danielle’s lingerie encased hooters. “Good,” she said, yanking her top back down, it hadn’t been the first time Danielle had flashed her bra to get her way and she smiled to herself as she realized that it seemed to work just as well in this virtual Dungeons and Dragons world as well.” Devon asked Danielle as they headed for the door. “I bet no one else will do that and we’re bound to get an A plus! “But they’re boys, when was the last time a boy said no to us? Sure enough, in one corner, amongst the boring science books that Devon and Danielle had never visited, sat David and Murray. Murray’s parents were away for the weekend so they had the whole place to themselves. “We already have names.” “No I mean.never mind, just put your own names down,” Adam said with a sigh, it was going to be a long night he decided. ” exclaimed David, flexing his skinny arms as if he had muscles.Devon didn’t even notice Billy Myers staring at her perfect ass it swayed seductively in her short skirt. They were both skinny, had thick rimmed black glasses, buckteeth and annoying laughs. Sitting at the head of the table, behind a small cardboard screen that covered a few books, sheets of paper and dice, sat Murray’s older brother Adam. “Err, cool,” Devon said, glancing Danielle’s way and rolling her eyes. ” repeated David, pointing to the most normal looking of the dice.

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