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I realised that I had traditional ideas about being the breadwinner – the fact that I’d not been earning much because my business was new left me worrying that I didn’t deserve Anna. I remember looking at attractive women and feeling nothing.I knew I’d have to go a long way to find someone like Anna.Now that the emotional block has gone our relationship has been so much better: Dave’s more affectionate; he’s forever telling me he loves me, and he finally met my parents, as well as all my aunts and grandmother!In fact, we spent last Christmas together with my family and his dad.I was heartbroken and blamed everything on Dave, but I had to admit my part in it, too.I realised I followed a pattern in life, walking away from every relationship at some point.

Perhaps something in my own behaviour had made Dave hold back.

What cemented our relationship was me going to Poland to meet her family – I could see where she came from and she could see I was committed.

I was stupid to let her go but now, thankfully, our relationship is moving forward at a rate of knots. When I met Matthew it was a case of right person, wrong time.

At first we kept up a cold front with one another, but it didn’t take long for us both to break down in tears.

We talked about everything that had gone wrong, and about what we’d learnt since.

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