Chat line trials

Although it is not exactly the same tool as used in Linux, it fulfills the same task.

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Now is the time, say the critics, to stand up and take back our data. In this way of thinking, our data is like our lawnmower and Facebook is a pushy neighbor who saw that our garage door was open, took our lawnmower, made a quick buck mowing people’s lawns, and now refuses to give our lawnmower back. Some of my Facebook friends are family, but even here the relationships are not simply mine but a product of myself and Facebook.Moreover, it’s the prospect of profits that has led Facebook and Google to invest in the technology and tools that have created “our data.” The more difficult it is to profit from data, the less data there will be.Proposals to require data to be “portable” miss this important point.Google performs more than 3.5 billion searches every day, all for free.The total surplus created by Facebook and Google far exceeds their profits.

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