Chip in widget not updating

But I was always trying to make something different. This is an ESP8266 based Weather Display unit which retrieve localized weather information from by WLAN and display it on a 128x64 OLED Display. Future forecasting for 3 days I would like to give credit to my friend Dani Eichhorn who did all of the programming parts. Make the circuit on a bread board Node MCU -- SCL2. Set the board to " Node MCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module)"6. You can make your enclosure yourself with your own choice.

He is updating the software on his Github page regularly with new features. But I will suggest to look in to the beautiful 3D printed enclosure designed by smily77.

Just to be clear, I’ve tried using React only a couple of times, for learning purposes mostly. In fact, I have a feeling that most developers are _not_ looking at Flutter seriously enough because of this mental bucketing with RN. This is a common reaction, when I talk about Flutter to other fellow developers.

The reason was mostly boredom, of doing the grunt work one needs to do to finish a project. I bumped across Flutter 5–6 months back, and at that time I had bookmarked it for a future weekend of hacking.

It took me about 1.5 months to code ‘Chips of Fury’ end-to-end, including my time spent learning Flutter.

In my previous attempts to launch this app, I tried writing native apps in Android/Java and i OS/Swift, but left them both at varying degrees of completion.

There is also a possibility to expand the list to 10 names.

As a reminder, each space and a sub-space is a point category, as explained in this blog, and since we are all starting to accumulate points in the new categories, it will take a bit of time for the widget to populate with names.

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