Dating a kigurumi

But we've been dating a year now, and I still haven't seen her without her mask.

For her, it isn't just a hobby, and her costume isn't just something she dons every once in a while. ..that's kind of just weird now...i believe maybe u just go to her house everytime..a fan of kigurumi, this is just not right...obviously she doesnt take a shower, eat, when her bf is presentshe must have slept with the mask on... It's like 2 years old and the guy was obviously pulling a prank on us. I don't think her family or people in her life would just let it go like that.

I don't want it to tear our relationship apart, but it's starting to tick me off. i think she has a very low self esteem that she's afraid to show her face, but i think she's doing it on purpose, and you are gonna be surprised (in a real bad way) when she takes off that mask. Don't you think this guy would catch her accidentaly (with no mask on) at least once in the whole year they were dating?

If she can't be real with me, if she can't be herself instead of her little anime persona, maybe I shouldn't be dating a year? i don't know how you kept up with this for a year dude, i suggest you to leave her and find someone better looking.4Yes, she's let me kiss her (the lips on her mask that is) and have sex (through a hole in her suit, the only actual part of her human anatomy I've seen). , if this were true, how I wish I could have your girlfriend!

And in this thrilling petition competition it seems opinions are divided with Harris garnering 238 supporters at last count and the pro-onesie faction standing at 213. But if you still really hate them take a deep breath and repeat after me, “Bell bottoms, scrunchies, flannel shirts, jeggings, kigurumi”.

Sexy Kigurumi Fetish Tube will blow up lustful minds of all 18 teens and will even manage to thrill any skillful Casanova!

These outfits were then subsumed into Japanese street fashion and worn in a non-commercial capacity.

The trend spread out of Japan to the UK where in 2009 the Kigu brand was started.

A counter page was then set up addressed to ‘The Fun Police’ requesting ‘Lockie Harris and anyone born before 1983: Stop Petitioning Gen Y to Stop Wearing Onesies’. The onesie hate seems like another excuse to pile on Gen Y but instead of critiquing their career or travel choices, this time it’s their fashion under fire.

I respect and understand that, but I'm her boyfriend of a year, and I had always thought eventually I would get to see her unmasked. I mean c'mon, the girl lives in some kind of a mask/suit 24/7? People do mind somebody else's business always and that's pretty much a guarantee that this story is a prank. lol37I see you question your sexuality quite a lot, calling me faggot and whatever.

It makes me feel highly dejected she wouldn't let me see her real face. My point was that she (if this story is at all true) was living under a mask.

(They claim their onesies ‘are guaranteed to increase your chances of random stranger hugs by 16%’. )And the fad to wear these animal onesies out and about seems to be spreading faster than frozen yoghurt shops in an inner-city neighbourhood. Nightclubs are now hosting onesie parties (dress code: no onesie, no entry).

Now we’ll admit there are some things that segue from festival wear to streetwear chicly. The basic rule is, can you imagine Kate Moss swanning around Primrose Hill in it? So how did they cross over from obscure Japanese fashion subculture and festival attire to having actual allowed-to-vote adults feeling comfortable walking down the street masquerading as a lion? Well, the animal playsuits got the celeb stamp of approval in a big way.

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