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That means just having a fun date, hitting it off to the extent that there will be a makeout session in a hotel elevator or one party's car, and then that's it. I've never had a drought like this in my life, and I'm better off financially, fitnesswise, etc. Again - I realize that this thread could come off as sexist or piggish and I apologize. I'm so puzzled as to why this keeps happening and I really want to see if anybody else has an opinion on this?

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Okay so a rant here as my first post on Milwaukee forum. I'm in my early 30's and I'd consider myself pretty eligible - moved up from a major southern city where I consistently dated really accomplished women, had some meaningful long-term relationships with solid, pretty girls who came from good families, etc.

Up here (primarily I'm using I have dated some girls who are very pretty - two of whom I'd flat out say are probably out of my league and they let me know after one or two dates that this was the case.

I'm a realist - I have a graduate degree but I'm no doctor or high-powered attorney.

My frustration comes in here - I'm routinely and regularly getting shut down by 6.5's, by 7's (sorry I hate to do it but it's turning into a thesis), by girls who are waitresses and clerks to my graduate degree and career track, not as attractive as me, not as fit as me, not as funny as me, etc. The deal is this: If you are every bit of the self aggrandized catch that you claim to be, you'll soon hook one of the fish from the barrel that you seem to think you had at your fingertips back in the land of sweet tea.

I know this sounds incredibly arrogant but like I pointed out in the paragraph above - I know based on past experiences that dating is a two-way street. Furthermore, whatever gives you the impression that women have no competition, is simply a myopic view of the dating scene, formed with a whopping 6 months of experience.

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