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Bouché-Leclercq, became authoritative, and consolidated the notion of Hellenism as a special period of the history of antiquity characterized by a mixture of Greek and Oriental elements. Philosophy remained centered in Athens, but the great philosophic schools of the academy (Platonists), Peripatos (Aristotelians), Stoa (disciples of Zeno), and Porch (Epicureans) spread everywhere.

The third century was the period of the greatest power and prosperity of these kingdoms.Figurative art certainly had a wide appeal, as can be deduced from the amount of cheap, but graceful, figurines of this period.Improved techniques of work affected the lives of the many, and town-planning together with the easier economic conditions of private persons produced better housing in many places.So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.Egypt was the last important survivor of the political system which had developed as a consequence both of the victories of Alexander and of his premature death. But research has been particularly intense and productive in the field of economic and social history (U. Except in Judea, which had an original literature in Hebrew and Aramaic even under Greek rule, the important developments in literature were all in Greek.

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