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I’m kind of the same person inside, but I look much less attractive. And would the women who would date me before would keep on dating me now? Like I fell differently on the social hierarchy, I basically lost my space all of the time and I was trying to understand how this social dance happened and how we find our place.

And I was really wondering about where would I find my own mate? And there was a lot of personal complexities with it.

It's a wonderful Web site, you see pictures of people and you decide, you rank them on a scale from 0 to 10 about how attractive they are and then you see how you rated this person, how other people rated them.So now the question is, the people who are providing the rating, the people who are really attractive that are providing rating and people who are really unattractive providing the rating.And the first thing you can ask is, do they have different ratings?Now it's not just rating, it's about also thinking about the probability that you will be accepted or turned down.And it's not so embarrassing to be turned down online, but it's still a little bit embarrassing.

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