Liquidating a small retail business

In British Columbia, you must file an Application for (Voluntary) Dissolution to dissolve a company under section 316 of the .

The application can be filed on the provincial Corporate Online website.

Otherwise, with no evidence to the contrary, your business officially continues, and you end up having to continue to file various tax returns. Close your payroll accounts with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).4. Close your RST/PST/QST accounts with the appropriate provincial agency.

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According to the Business Corporations Act, Then, in Ontario, to close your business, the appropriate Articles of Dissolution must be submitted to the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch, along with a Letter consenting to the dissolution from the Corporations Tax Branch, a covering letter and a fee.In Alberta, you can cancel a business registration via an authorized registry agent.If you are operating a corporation and want to close your business, you need to dissolve the corporation.To close your business, you need to cancel your business registration if you operate a sole proprietorship or partnership.The catch is that this is called different things in different provinces.

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