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"Moccasin" John and Elizabeth Slaven."Moccasin" John and Elizabeth (Smith) Slaven of Scott County, Tennessee, in a photo taken around 1860.

Seven sons of Harvey and Sarah (Pennington) Slaven of Scott County, Tennessee pose for a photo taken in the 1940's.

Gertrude (Mc Caskin) Slavens, lower right, with a group of picnicers.

Betty Woods Slaven, wife of Absalom Slaven, was born in June 1814 and died in 1903. His sisters were Mary Ann, Sarah Ellen, Caroline Virginia, Martha Adeline, and Lucy Priscilla.

Harriett was the daughter of Abner Calvin and Mary Slavens (or Slavins, Slavin).

Samuel Lant Slaven, son of William Slaven, grandson of John Slaven and great-grandson of John Slaven of Highland County. Thanks to Katharine Levis for the scans of the photos. Another photo of Samuel, probably taken several years after the photo above.

Hargis Slaven was one of Samuel Lant Slaven's sons, born in 1869.

According to identification on the photo, Albert Slaven, son of Jacob Gillispie Slaven, and his uncle Frank Slaven, son of William and Nancy (Cline) Slaven, pose for a portrait.. Standing behind them are their sons Basil, Kenneth, Murland, Bertie, Darrol, and Cameron, and son-in-law Henry T. Jeff and Barzilla Slaven Barzilla and Jefferson Slaven are pictured with their son and daughter-in-law, Abb and Millie Slaven.

Queen and Jessie Slavens Queen and Jessie Slavens were the daughters of William H. "Penny Lane" barber shop John Slavin of Glasgow sent this clipping from of Glasgow. The notation on the back of this photo is that she is a sister of Samuel Lant Slaven. Alexander, 7 months old in the photo, was the oldest child of Wilbur Decatur and Nannie Slaven. John Woodell Slaven and Mary (Cline) Slaven of Virginia/West Viriginia. Slaven celebrated his 75th birthday on July 3, 1917 with a family gathering in Shelby County, Iowa. Donna also shared this later photo of her great-grandparents. and Polly (Foster) Slavey with her daughters Julia Watson and Lavadie Waters, son Alfred Slaven, and son-in-law Frank Waters. Harriet Peters Johnson is the daughter in the lower right. He is a descendant of John and Elizabeth Slavin of Highland County through the Henry of Ohio branch. Written on the back of the photo is "Queen Slavens' great grandpa and grandma Slavens. Reuben and Keziah Hinton were married in 1849-- perhaps the photo was in honor of their 20th wedding anniversary? Ed and Georgia (Peake) Slavens were residents of Audrain County, Missouri.

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