Paris hilton dating afrojack

He is on the road practically every day performing in clubs all over the world, and just isn't ready to settle down, whereas Paris is." Paris is likely to take her recent breakup hard, pals say.

"Paris is having a hard time adjusting to the fact that she just doesn't have the popularity or cachet that she did five years ago," says one confidant.

The couple jetted back to Los Angeles together on Saturday, February 18, and were photographed holding hands in coordinating black outfits at LAX airport.

“They are head over heels for each other, they have never been happier and they make the perfect couple,” a source close to the duo tells Us Weekly.

She will also help her son Barron plan his wedding to socialite Tessa Grafin von Walderdorff.'We may be barefoot,' joked Kathy.

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He took a lot of criticism for working with her, but he truly does believe that she has talent." "Paris was smitten with him, but Afrojack just wanted to have fun and not be exclusive with anyone.

And while Paris stripped down to a black and white striped bikini to take to the water, she made sure at every other opportunity to cover up from the sun in a long black kaftan and wide-brimmed sunhat.

If reading things about what gay men do sexually with one another bothers you - you should not read this blog.

In a second photo from the same night, Hilton stuns in a maroon patterned gown and diamond choker while Zylka, 31, dons a tuxedo and black tie.

“The best feeling is when someone looks at you like you are magic…” she wrote of the second snap.

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