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Oh and of course there is the late-Patrick Swayze, and those amazingly sexy dance moves. If nothing else you'll learn that, "No one puts Baby in a corner!" which is fantastic because it's still one of the best time travel film ever made.

The movie stars a number of accomplished actors in their more youthful days including, Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise and Diane Lane among others.will forever been a timeless Cinderella story from the '80s.Teen queen Molly Ringwald is perfect as Andie, the hard working girl who gets asked to prom by Blain; the most popular boy in school.On a quest to lose their virginity, a group of high school kids go out to a sketchy nightclub hoping to hire a prostitute for their escapades. If you haven't seen is a film that focuses on preteens, it's still a story that will make anyone nostalgic for more innocent times.The kids in this story happen upon a treasure map when they are trying to save their home from being demolished.

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