Scott and tessa dating not yet

Newly gilded Olympic figure skater Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have set the Internet alight with fans from across Canada and the world wondering if they’re dating, and saying they should!

The pair’s electrifying and provocative performances on the ice have fueled a rumour mill like few any Olympic pair has ever caused.

The fiery chemistry between Canadian ice dancing duo Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir has some Olympic fans thinking the real fireworks happen when their skates come off.

Virtue and Moir helped Canada win gold in the team figure skating competition on Sunday with an emotional routine set to songs from the movie musical "Moulin Rouge." It was the second gold medal of their already decorated careers.

But something tells me that won’t happen until AFTER Pyeongchang.

The sultry ice dancing is going to have to be enough for now, folks.

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According to Scott, the two dated for about eight months when he was 10 and Tessa was 8. And we'll always have this moment: tessa & scott play the newlywed. question is "who is more likely to sleep in and miss practice?

Tessa was 7, and Scott 9 at the time, but it’s been strictly friendly between them ever since, they both say.

Fingers crossed, everyone is hoping for a surprise reveal that they actually ARE dating…

Virtue, 28, and Moir, 30, actually did date once - when Moir was 10 and Virtue was 8.

Moir eventually called her eight months into the budding "romance" and ended it, he told the Globe and Mail.

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