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I initially would chat with her on what the options are to check for her preferences, but her desire to keep things at a low cost out of guilt is absurd!For example, when I sent her a spreadsheet with the cost of the rooms and their distance from the hotel where the training would be held, she asked if we could just book one room and she could sleep on the couch.I just recently fell for a scam where the scammer took a video of me doing stuff I’d rather not have other people see.This scammer was able to find my Facebook friends just by googling my name and demanded that I pay him/her if I didn’t want him to spread the video to people.I have told Rey to talk to Luke and say she doesn’t want to go if she really wants the company to save on costs, but it has been a week and Rey has said nothing.Now she is refusing to expense our meals for our travel days because “we will be fed on the flight”; however, without going into too many details, the 30-hour journey leaves and arrives at odd times, and with layovers this could mean our first meal from the airline would be served at midnight!I work as a recruiter and I occasionally have people express interest in positions that are not accessible via public transit.

That said, should I talk to someone at work about this? Should I tell the truth about what happened, or would it maybe be fine if instead, I say something like “my laptop caught a virus recently, so if there’re any weird emails related to me, please have everyone delete them”? If you’re comfortable with it, I’d say something like this to your manager and/or HR: “I’m being harassed and extorted by someone online who has threatened to contact people who know me to try to harm my reputation.Say something like this to Luke: “Rey is trying to keep costs really low and doesn’t want to expense meals on travel days or cab fare.She wanted to book a single room for both of us and sleep on the couch.I hope that it won’t, but it’s been an unsettling experience, and I wanted to make sure you’d have context for it if he does attempt to contact anyone here.” Also, is it possible to temporarily remove your name from your company’s website?That won’t be possible in all jobs, but if it’s an option in yours, it may give you some peace of mind. I’m doing business travel with a coworker who doesn’t want to expense anything I recently accepted a secondment that can turn into a permanent role if I do well.

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