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They are The Squad, with about four liters of estrogen added, and little to no loss in testosterone.They are the Lovely Angels after a recruitment drive. This trope is common with Humongous Mecha anime, and Science Fiction in general, especially if they use fightercraft in their universe.You can make really efficient plays by using these cards under the right circumstances, because cards with "50% chance to do the wrong thing" are mana-efficient for their power, like the 3 damage for 1 mana provided by Chaos Blast. The King wished he had someone to share this humorous routine with. It was then that Riggs tossed a dolls head to the table. It was a familiar face but it was too hard for the King to think about this. As a Jester Riggs likes to keep things entertaining.Example cards: There was once a King, long since forgotten, who bemoaned a lack of entertainment in his court. Feasting and hunting led to limited merriment and so, when Riggs the Jester entered the King's domain, he was delighted. Riggs would dance and sing and tell stories the likes of which the King had never heard. The next day Riggs delighted the King with an elaborate juggling routine. He concentrates on maintaining board control through the use of useful small minions and control style spells.If that minion dies the Punchline activates and 2 damage is dealt to your hero.

In a Bishoujo Series, they are probably the main characters, their existence in this case due to the Improbably Female Cast policy. Expect some degree of Ho Yay, especially if they are kept isolated from men. If the entire world is an Amazon Brigade instead of a single squad, then you have a World of Action Girls.“Rising Tide” was her first book (third one published) set in Portugal, in a tiny fishing village on the beautiful, rugged Alentejo coast.One of the themes of this book is man against the sea.This being about fiction, they're usually at least moderately attractive. Susan Roebuck was born and bred in the soft south of the UK but was exported to Portugal after meeting her husband in London.

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