Speed dating in dunedin new zealand

"There is definitely a significant benefit to Dunedin having a 1000 people in town for a week, but the much more significant benefits are in the following years because a whole lot of very influential overseas buyers will have their eyes opened to the tourism attractions of this region," Mr Roberts said.

The core of Trenz was "three days of business speed dating", where buyers had a succession of 15-minute appointments, generally meeting around 50 different tourism businesses.

A canny operator would know who was in front of them and tailor their pitch directly to the type of tourism products the buyer dealt in, Mr Roberts said.

"It’s about being well-briefed beforehand," he said.

Trenz is a four-day tourism industry exhibition, where 314 local tourism operators present their wares to 387 travel buyers, with the potential for lucrative contracts for the most appealing tourism attractions.

"There is a huge opportunity for Dunedin and Otago to grow tourism ...

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You're sick of your old ones, you've just moved cities, or your friends have all moved to London to battle the recession?Accepting coffee invites you plan never to take up; making fake-polite gestures in the way of 'let's catch up'; letting communication lapse, and whatnot. Local tourism operators will have a golden chance to increase their share of New Zealand’s billion tourism industry when Dunedin hosts Trenz next month, Tourism Industry Aotearoa chief executive Chris Roberts says.In its infancy, those few who were open about internet dating got faced with a (no doubt heartening) blend of pity and confusion.Making new friends on the web would probably elicit the same reaction, initially - but that wouldn't last.

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