Tampere dating

Finnair has several connections to Helsinki every day. More importantly for the budget traveller, Tampere is Ryanair's main Finnish destination.However, Ryanair has cut down direct flight destinations from Tampere to only Budapest and Bremen and does not operate at winter time (at least during winter 2015/2016) at all.

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Even though the structural changes were already on their way, by the time of the Second World War, Tampere was centre of the Finnish war industry.The workers' living conditions were terrible which was increasingly generating social tension in the society.The First World War was initially profitable for industrial Tampere, but after the October Revolution in Russia, the vital eastern trade was severed.Now the Finnish society was deeply divided, and the socialists seized control of Tampere 1918.During the Finnish Civil War in 1918 Tampere became the Red (Social Democratic Party of Finland) stronghold. Mannerheim captured the town after the Battle of Tampere. Whites seized 11,000 prisoners, summarily executing actual and suspected leaders and locking the remaining prisoners into camps.

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