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Having (Great) Wingmanship Skills is the Single Best Thing You Can Have to Pull (and Keep Around) Hotter Girls Consistently In this series Tyler and I reveal the secrets of what Effective Wingmanship is, how to achieve it with your wing, the mindsets and methods we used so we could both end up with a Stunner every night we went out together, and what to avoid so it’s always a win-win-win-win situation Good wingmans are everything when trying to take over a club and get the hottest girls, they make your game better faster, and they contribute to EPIC nights out, and we’ll show you how to do it all For this series I invited a guy who’s not only pimped it hard since before he was an RSD instructor, but he’s probably the guy with the most similar game to mine, as he’s style of Game is to “Manipulate the Social Matrix” Retired from teaching Pick Up, Ryan STILL Goes Into ANY Social Situation with a Knack for Bending the Standard Social Norms and Gets Fantastic Results, Always Bending the Social Rules in his Favor (work, clubs, friendships, business relationships, personal & romantic relationships) In this series we will sit down and talk game, discuss ideas, experiences and results we’ve had along our journey as we became more and more experienced in the Game, and we’ll digest it into easy-to-follow schemes you can start applying today in your favor, not only with hot girls, but in every other area of your life in general In short, we will teach you how to be in FULL CONTROL of ANY Social Situation.Now, if I was going to create a PIMP Series, I had to bring on one of the SICKEST PLAYERS the Game has ever seen.Derek, having dated Models, Celebrities and Extremely hot women, isn’t an instructor, but has been almost every RSD Instructor’s mentor because of the quality of girl he pulls, and the mindset he does it with He hasn’t done anything for RSD in over 5 years after a Special Edition Mastermind he once did, and I now bring him to you so you learn what it takes to pull that level of hot girls that consistently You This will be a “PIMP customer only invite” 3 months after the product went Live, where I will discuss the new technology of Game I’ll be working on…You see, for years I’ve wanted to “brain-dump” all my Game knowledge in one place that would help hopefully thousands upon thousands of guys get good with women, and the result of that dream has finally come true…

And in the next few months, I’ll be meeting up with Tyler and the RSD crew and we’ll be sharing and trying out new things to make our own Game and teaching much more effective and lethal, for you to get faster and better results (Quite the challenge) And I’ll put Together an Exclusive Live Event for You, to Learn the Results of it All. But don’t worry, for those of you who can’t assist Live, we will be recording the event, upload it, and send it to you,without you having to move a single finger This is brand new content you will definitely not want to miss As you probably already know, my time is incredibly well-managed to get the most out of my day and night to improve my Game and Teaching Skills, I devote most of my time taking care of my students So for this reason...

All This, in Addition to Discussing and Refining Your Understanding of the Concepts Explained and Illustrated in PIMP And you get to attend this event if you pick up the Platinum or Diamond package, INCLUDED IN YOUR PURCHASE. I Decided to Open a Private & Exclusive Facebook Group Where I’ll Be in CONSTANT INTERACTION With Its Members You’ll get to directly ask me any questions related to Game, PIMP or anything related to Self-Development for you have direct feedback from me, not an assistant, ME.

And this is included In this bonus I detail what it takes to get into the hardest venues to break into.

Turning Into an Amplified Version of Yourself = Extremely Atrractive.

This is probably the single hardest thing to do because we all grew up Socially Conditioned.

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